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Chematixs Manufacturing cc is involved with the manufacture and development of formulations for any industrial application and any specific customer’s needs.

Chematixs Manufacturing Pty Ltd is directed by Nomalanga Qupe. The company also has affiliations with other experts in the cleaning industry for the innovative development of new products and the adaptation of existing formulations to local conditions.

This is an ongoing process and ensures the use of up to date sourcing and usage of the newest chemical ingredients available for cleaning and hygiene and maintenance.Individual client organizations experiencing specific problems or using expensive imported products are offered the opportunity by the Company to resolve these problems or have the imported products systematically analyzed and reverse-engineered.

The company has a comprehensive range of products which include products which conform to SABS Requirements.

Chematixs Manufacturing cc has a complete production facility based at Plot 13, M57 Road Clayville East  code 1666.

The  liquid section has a range of fourteen one tonne reactors, and smaller specialist reactors.  Charging the reactors is semi-automated and there are automatic filling machines for certain products.  The detergent powder production uses ribbon blenders and filtering machines and there is an additional ribbon blender for hand creams and hand gels.